Monday, December 27, 2010

Models blog post No. 2

The two VTQF tanks have made further progress and are getting close to finished, with the tank ends fitted, tops of the domes attatched and most recognisably the tanks fitted to their underframes.


  1. Did the wagons run on the block fule train in NSW and do you have any 12 inch to the foot info on them?

    keep up the good work.

    Nice job


  2. To answer the first question, I don't know if these type were on block fuel trains in NSW, but it's possible that others like it were.

    As for the second question, to get the length of the tanks, you need to (if you work in metric) convert the feet and inches into meters/centimeters(eg. 46' for an ELX wagon to 1402.08cm by multiplying 46 by 12 to get the length in inches, then multiplying that by 2.54 to get it in centimeters). Then convert the total of these(1402.08) into millimeters by multiplying by 10 (14020.8). Then to get the length in HO scale you divide the 14020.8 by 87 to get a HO scale length of 161.16 millimeters. This (the 161.16mm) is the length of the body of a HO scale ELX wagon and wagons the same length (VOBX/CX, AOBX/CX and derivatives there of)