Sunday, January 16, 2011

Models Post No. 4

Hi guys, the two tank wagons are now finished and have joined my oil train consist taking the number of tanks on my layout to five, these being: VTQF's 319, 349 and 668 and VTQZ's 263 and 390. Pictures can be viewed at my Flickr page via the link in Post No. 3.

Also completed is AKBX 512 C, which was converted from a VHC Rail Bits/AMK Engineering kit previously finished and weathered. Where the doors were removed have been painted with a different shade of green to what was on it to give the impression of a modification hastily done, with the code board receiving the same treatment (paint over the O and check letter and replace with K and C respectively. I hope to upload photos of it soon.

This is not the start of a break though, as yet to come is the renumbering of my VHC Rail Bits/AMK Engineering AOOX from 2310 G to 4011 G as 2310 became an AKJY before the era I'm modeling (1992-1993).

Also yet to come are a couple of conversions from SEM kits, these being a FQX/VQCX to an AQCY and a SFX/VFLX to a VFNX 'Prairie' newsprint flat.

Happy modeling, Brad.

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