Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Models Post No.5

As promised, here are photos of both the recently completed AKBX conversion and the conversion of the SEM FQX/VQCX wagon to an AQCY currently underway. Enjoy!


  1. Is there a chance you could put some explainations down for the photos to show what modifications you have made? Can't wait to see the finished product as it is hard to get good AN models.

  2. As I'm not sure on the model you're talking about, I'll explain both.

    The AKBX was a previously finished AMK Engineering kit that has had it's doors cut out, the rough bits filed smooth and painted over. It was then simply reclassified .

    The AQCY was a SEM VR FQX/VQCX kit that I modified by removing one pair of chain boxes, moving the handbrake to the spot the boxes previously occupied (if you look at the photo showing the underframe, you can see the remnants of the chain boxes and the wire for the handbrake wheel going through where the box was) and putting wire between the grade control levers and empty/loaded levers for extra detail. Also, instead of the bulky VQCX container locks, I replaced these with AQCY/VQLX style locks by drilling through the underframe with a pin vice and using N scale track pins cut down to hold the containers on with.