Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Models Post No.6

Hi guys, the AQCY conversion is ready for painting, as the container pins have been fitted using Ozfreight containers. Once done, all that's left to do is classify it AQCY 47 J.

Then after this is done I'll have a much more interesting (read challenging) project: convert an SEM SFX/VFLX into a VFNX newsprint flat with extended bulkheads (the VFLX type are too short, so I'll build them up) and fit it with both a tarp and flat floor (I intend it to be able to be used for both newsprint and concrete sleeper traffics). Naturally, this means it will have two different numbers to correspond with the type it is at a set time (1-30 range when tarped, 100- when in concrete sleeper traffic). I'll keep you posted.

Happy modelling, Brad

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