Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Current status of my 'Superfreighter' rake

Hi all, the VQDW wagon is now complete, taking the total wagons on the Superfreighter rake to four wagons and any of three locos, being de-geared Powerline BL27, Traino 949 (I want to renumber this to 963 in the future) and X50 (N461 may put in an appearance), with the current consist being VQFY 124 D, AQSY 2026 V, VQDW 52 L and AQCY 47 J. I'm hoping to add to this rake in the future with more of each wagon (I'm already thinking of another AQCY doing conversion) and some AQOY 75' AN flats when Evolution Models bring the kits out.

If anyone can suggest a good kit of the QMX/VQFX/VQFY wagon, I'd be very appreciative.


  1. Can you point me in the right direction for more details on Evolution Models? Never heard of them!

    The AQOY/ROX would be a ripper model for modern day CQOY, and RZXY wheel carriers.



  2. Ok, Wagonfreak, the blog for Evolution Models can be found here (

    Speedemon08, I de-geared the BL by separating the frame from the chassis and removing the motor and gears from the motored end. This required having to unscrew several parts of the motor bogie to be able to get into it. Be sure to keep the motor and gears for it just in case you decide to make it powered again (alternatively you could get a new motor/chassis for it).

    Hope these help :-) Brad