Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 'up the shed' N scale layout and the VQDW

Hi all, as some of you may know (those who frequent the Railpage Australia Forums), in addition to my HO scale layout, my dad also has an N scale one up the shed. Naturally, as he's had a lot more time to work on his, it's in a far better detailed position, with a lot more locos and rollingstock. So, I've decided to share with you a couple of photos of the main section of the layout. There is also an extension to it that turns and follows the two walls to the left of the camera's position in the second photo. I might add photos of these sections soon.

Apologies for the poor quality pics though, as they were taken on my phone.

Also, work has nearly been completed on the VQDW, with it painted and the code boards painted in gloss black, ready for decalling.

Cheers, Brad.

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  1. Very nice, please put some more detailed photos up.