Thursday, June 21, 2012

An update? Really?!

Hi all, this being my first post in about 7 months, I guess you could say that a fair bit has happened. First of all, my layout (or bunch of tracks, to be accurate) has been packed up, with the wagons and locos stored in boxes, including about 5 Auscision storage boxes (at $35 a pop from memory, your bank account doesn't like it) and tucked away. The reason for this is simply not enough time or space to be using it unfortunately. On the bright side, my bedroom is now a whole lot easier to move around in!

The packing up of the 'bunch of trackwork' has not meant the end of collecting stuff for me though, in fact, quite the opposite. Since packing it up, I've collected a pack each of Auscision ABFX vans and AOOX open wagons (since weathered/renumbered/recoded, and had the proper boards fitted), an On Track Models VLNX pack (I'm yet to weather these, and 22 will need renumbering to fit in my time era), a BGB AKFX kit that hasn't progressed past a removal-of-flash stage, and today, a Powerline VOCX in VR livery, which is to form most of the rest of this post.

So, the first priority for me with the VOCX was to swap the (frankly ugly) bogies provided for a much more appealing set of SEM ones. The SEM bogies required quite a bit of filing out before they would fit over the bolster of the wagon (like Austrains/Auscision models, it has a tube coming out of the bolster, which the bogie then sits around in order to keep it from sliding around). Eventually, they fitted, and with a washer under each end to boost it in height a bit, I compared its coupler height with that of RLEX 960 (more on that later), and found all is well.

I must say, it looks a whole lot better even now, with those ugly Powerline bogies removed! Whats left for it is to paint out the VR logo, and weather it. Then, I'll fit a permanent tarp to it, to hide the fact it has no internal detail. Overall though, it is actually quite a good wagon.

Now for RLEX 960 L. This wagon was formerly my VLEX 984 V, a BGB kit that I got already made, superdetailed, and ready to run. After having it for several years, I've finally got around to numbering it to a VLEX/RLEX that actually still had the VR logos in my time period (1990-1994). After seeing a picture of an RLEX (960) on Booksvic's (Norm Bray's) flickr, that, I decided, was what 984 was to become. Now, having been renumbered and recoded, all it needs is a good dose of weathering, and its ready to go back into storage, waiting for when I can make a good layout for it to run on. Hopefully that happens soon.

Until next time, Greensleeves.

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