Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stawell exhibition

Hi guys, just a quick post tonight, after attending the Stawell model rail exhibition today, my family and I spent the rest of the day in the area chasing trains. Trains 'captured' were XR's 555 and 559 on a Geelong bound grain, NR's 2, 93 and AN1 on 4PW4, NR11 and 81 on 6BA6 and NR58 and 53 on 6WP2.

Anyway, back to the exhibition. I didn't take any pics, but I did get 2x C class air-con and antenna mods for my C's, 5-chime horns for X50, a RMM VQFX kit that will replace my scratchbuilt VQFY, and a Rail Scale Models ELX kit. All from Rail Scale Models and for under $100, which isn't too bad considering that the ELX kit cost $50 on its own!

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