Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A year? Really?

Well, again I've been AWOL on here for a long period of time, so I should probably give a bit of an update:

Firstly, the BGB AKFX and VOCX 246 have both been finished, with both stored away for when I get a layout. Taking the AKFX's place on the bench (and beside the VOCX out of the way) is an AR Kits NLGX van that I'd made the body for but hadn't put any detailing on. This wagon has now had the brake details applied and is ready for painting...

After the NLGX is a complete re-do of an AQKY two-pack container flat, after I ditched the first attempt after the holes above the center bogie were getting too difficult. The new one is being completely scratchbuilt from styrene, and while it will probably take longer it should also come out better.

On the loco front, a recent addition has been second-hand C507 which because I already have a 507 (which doesn't run) will be renumbered to 501 with a Bill's Billboards decal set. There have also been some other additions in the form of NR85 in SS, 57 in SeaTrain, 6 in NRC grey and DL's 42 and 47 in AN and NRC Arrow liveries respectively.

As an aside, I'm toying with the idea of making a dual layout, with one being 1990's Victorian and the other side being Modern-era South Australia, preferably around Snowtown or Nantawarra. That will require a fair bit of thinking....

A couple of pics of the NLGX...

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